The main benefits of green buildings are:

  1. Reduced operating costs
  2. Increased comfort for occupants
  3. Improved corporate image

Reduced Operating Cost

Build Green can develop an energy management plan to reduce your operating costs.

Increased Comfort for Occupants

Increasing comfort for occupants will have large benefits. Well designed green buildings will increase productivity. How do you feel in different buildings?

Increased comfort for occupants can be achieved by:

Indoor air quality is particularly important for commercial buildings. Some building and furniture materials can slowly release toxins into the indoor environment. Green building design incorporates improvements to indoor air quality, leading to increased productivity of occupants.

Build Green can develop and implement strategies to increase comfort in your building.

Improved Corporate Image

Another benefit of green buildings is that you are taking action towards being environmentally responsible and this will improve your corporate image.

By reducing energy consumption, you will reduce the need for new power plants and help reduce global CO2 emissions which have a direct effect on global warming.

Global warming is already here:

When the head of the Tyndall Climate Centre says that ‘this climate excursion is already close to what high-level scientific consensus has identified as "dangerous interference" with the planet's life support systems’ — it's time to act.

Terry Wyatt, President of The Chartered Institution
of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), 2003